Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some Suggested Gifts for Her

I was looking around AOL Shopping for some Christmas Deals, and came across what I thought was an article about "Christmas Gifts for her." Really it was a just a shopping page on AOL with links to just about every big name corporate shopping site and typical idea you can imagine.

So what were some of the suggestions?
1. Coach Bags- or other luxury brand purse/handbag
2. BlueNile Diamond Pendant
3. Pajamas
4. pink laptop

Those and the rest were pretty much just ads/affiliate links for every online store you can imagine-bluenile, dell.com,etc

That doesn't make the idea any less relevant, there just wasnt much in the way of imagination. The gift ideas were whatever those stores were pushing.

Anyone have some unique ideas or women's Christmas gifts?

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